Unreal Engine Developer & Visualizer

Dirk van der Lep

Who am I?

Hello there! 

I am Dirk van der Lep, 23 years old and I specialize in the field of Game Development and Game Design

I recently got my bachelor of science degree in Communication & Multimedia Design at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden. During this education I specialized in the development process within Unreal Engine by applying it in several projects, but also by experimenting a lot with new techniques.

Besides Unreal Engine I also have experience in Unity, C# and Blender.

During this experimentation, situations often arise for which there is a solution that does not yet exist. This is of course the ultimate challenge and getting to the solution for such a problem is where I get a ton of energy from.

Besides building functionalities within Unreal Engine, I am of course just a human being. In my spare time I can really enjoy making and/or playing music. You can also often find me in the gym and/or spending time with friends.


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