Lights On

From the study, a game jam was offered where I developed this game with a few fellow students.
The theme the game is based on is "light and dark". This theme is mainly reflected in the gameplay.
As a player, you have to make sure you turn on the lights in the house and don't stay in the dark for too long. As soon as this does happen, the shadow will catch the player.

While making this game, I worked on getting all the mechanics working, while also contributing to the visual look of the game.

Back then, I was still relatively new to using Unreal Engine (which this was also made in), so I couldn't fix the bugs that came up at the time because I didn't know where exactly they came from. Recently, I revisited it to get the bugs out and make some QoL (Quality of Life) adjustments. Because of the many projects I have done in Unreal Engine since then, I was able to fix this pretty quickly and with ease.